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Skincare Combo 2

120ml, 125ml & 45ml

A gentle cleanser, an antioxidant rich moisturiser and a broad-spectrum sunscreen; combine to form an ideal skincare routine leaving your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and protected. Dermavive Hydra Cleanser made with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal helps to wash off dirt, dead skin, and excess oils without making the skin dry. Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion provides deep, long lasting moisturising effect and keeps your skin feeling smooth and soft. Sunstop Sunscreen Cream helps to prevent sun damage. Ideal to apply before makeup.

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All skin types
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Reeally good one

18th October 2021

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

18th October 2021

Started using Dermavive Cleanser few months back and what a game chnager for my skin. I use it twice daily. Once in the morning and as part of my night skin care routine. I love how gentle it is ony my skin. Great for everyday skincare. I have combination skin with T zone oily and it works really great for me. Totally recommend :)

HELP ME HEAL my very DRY SKIN condition

18th October 2021

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

18th October 2021

I went on vacation and was eating lots of different things and that created a very bad skin condition on my face. It became extremely dry and itchy. I started using this cleanser that has avena / oatmeal properties and honestly my skin has improved tremendously. The product has a smell like bubblegum which I really like and the consistency is really nice too, also it comes a lot of product on the bottle. I thought it was going to be smaller but no! So I can use it for a longer time... Really happy with this product! 100% recommended


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Neutriderm Skincare Combo 2 120ml, 125ml & 45ml


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